The Family Ministry of First Baptist Church of Palo Alto is committed to love, nurture, inspire, and equip our families in practicing the teachings of Jesus around our dinner tables, in our neighborhoods, and in the world beyond. 

Vision and Values

Our vision is to partner with families in emphasizing religious curiosity, creativity, personal expression, mutual respect, environmental responsibility, and service.

Guiding our relationships are these seven values:

  • Each person is important.
  • Be kind in all you do.
  • We’re free to learn together.
  • We search for what is true.
  • All people need a voice.
  • Build a fair and peaceful world.
  • We have compassion for Earth. 

Sunday Morning

The purpose of Sunday Morning programing is to integrate young people into the main worship celebration, to provide age specific religious exploration, and to provide a safe space for intergenerational fellowship.

We hope to create a relaxed, welcoming, fun, conversational, and artistic space for young people to express themselves, ask questions, and discover a dynamic Christian faith.